Customize Your Own Holiday Banner 

Holiday banners are suitable for businesses, organizations, cities, municipalities, and personal use. Businesses can use holiday banners for advertising holiday sales and offers. On a larger, more public scale, cities and municipalities can use them to announce events like holiday parades or festivals. These banners are usually attached to light poles in common areas so they get more views. Churches can also use banners in front of their establishment to announce invitations to different holiday events or services. At Alamo Tees & Advertising we can help you create the perfect holiday banner for you or your business!

Why Buy Holiday Banners From Us?

Faster shipping rates: Once you place an order, you should expect your print within 3-4 business days, depending on the volume. We advise on booking at least a week before the event to avoid inconveniences and delays. 

Flexibility: We understand the challenge of hanging banners, so  we create  a variety of banners that hang in different ways. There are more than five different choices for the banners we produce, including zip ties, banner clips, poles, wall brackets, bungees, and nylon ropes. 

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How to Order Your Own Custom Holiday Banners

You can contact our customer service support team by calling or emailing us.  We’re always more than happy to answer questions about banner materials, our design process, and custom projects. We value our customers and are committed to handling all types of customer requests. If the design is not to your liking, our team will work out the changes with you, then send you the final design templates before we begin the printing process. 

Material Used for Holiday Banners

We manufacture our banners using the following materials: flexible PVC vinyl, mesh vinyl, adhesive vinyl, polyester fabric, and canvas. We can also help you choose the best materials for your custom banners if you are unsure what will work best for you. 

Our banners are made using flexible, windproof, water-resistant materials.. The PVC flex materials are the best for outdoor banners due to their weather-resistant capabilities. They can withstand the sun’s UV rays and inclement weather without tearing or fading. Our banners will guarantee durability, and you can store them for future holidays. These materials will also help you keep the banner out for longer, maximize the message exposure, and draw in targeted attention.

Can You Order a Double-Sided Holiday Banner?

We can also print two-sided banners to be observed from both sides. The double-sided banners are suitable for posting on poles where they can be observed from both sides. For banners to display on walls, one-sided, high-quality banners are a good choice. Our banners are printed at a high resolution which enables people to see the message from afar. We also use bright and full-color printing with an array of broad colors to create a bright design. A bright design is not only visible from afar, but it’s also capable of drawing attention to the message. 

How Do I Properly Store My Holiday Banner?

First, roll the banners separately to keep them from trapping moisture. Either store them in a box or in an otherwise cool and dry place.