Meet The Team That Makes Alamo Tees Amazing!

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Kristen Sands

Kristen is our resident super mom! She’s got three little ones running around and two of them are twins. We call ‘em Kpup and the Sands twins. Kristen’s usually out with her family when she’s not working her tail off. She loves family activities and traveling with her little band. She uses her alone time to garden and relax. Kristen may have been an Art History major but; she’s always thinking ahead which is why she is such a dynamic representative. So if you’re a people person, you definitely want to take the time to go and see Kristen.

AlamoReps-18-2-199x300 Meet Your Account Manager

Albert Molina

Albert ‘Moe’ Molina is the Sports Guru here at Alamo. Whether its basketball, football or even volleyball. His real love however, is baseball he even made a career out of it playing shortstop for the Pittsburg Pirates. You can already guess that when he’s not in the office he’s either out at a sports bar or spending his free time coaching his select softball teams. So if you want your team to look sharp and uniform, or you just need a buddy to go to a game with. Albert’s your guy.

AlamoReps-18-2-199x300 Meet Your Account Manager

Cara Garrett

Cara is always on the go and one step ahead of the game. We like to joke that she would win any limbo competition because she bends over backwards for her customers. She is arguably the sweetest person that you will ever meet. But beware! She gets serious when it comes to animals – especially cats. Her daughter follows in her footsteps in the agricultural program at her school with her raising everything from chickens to goats to even cows. If you need an around the clock rep who will ensure that you get your orders exactly how and when you want ‘em. Cara is who you want to see.

AlamoReps-18-2-199x300 Meet Your Account Manager

Robin Hargett

If you want to laugh throughout your experience with Alamo Tees get ahold of Robin. Not only will she make you smile with her winning personality but, she’ll make sure that you get exactly what you need. Robin knows everything about fabric processes. She can tell what material a shirt is made up of just by looking at it, we’re not kidding – test her. Robin is always upbeat and up to any challenge, she’ll make sure you look as great as you feel, so when you’re in the mood for a laugh and great design make sure you get in touch with Robin.

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Anna Acuna

Anna is a quiet storm. She is probably our most soft spoken rep but, don’t let that fool you. She has so many things going on at once it’s a wonder how she does it all with only two arms. When she’s not working her heart out, like she has been since her time here began in 2010, she enjoys lounging by the pool with friends, or binge watching the latest shows that Netflix and Hulu have to offer.

AlamoReps-18-2-199x300 Meet Your Account Manager

Mike Davis

Mike Davis is always calm, cool, collected and he truly cares about his customers. He follows the motto ‘Create a wonderful memory, create a customer for life’, which is the reason that he has been so successful over the past 20 years. He’s a bargain shopper and he brings his love for high quality low cost deals to his customers, ensuring that they get the most bang for their buck! Mike Davis’ family life is very important to him, he loves frequenting church with his wife and kids. Don’t get me wrong though, he loves taking time for himself to get out and fish. Take the time and relax while placing your order and speak with Mike Davis.

AlamoReps-18-2-199x300 Meet Your Account Manager

Cliff Sipes

Cliff Sipes and Alamo Tees go hand in hand. Cliff has been an employee at Alamo for over 20 years . We like to joke that he‘s been here longer than the building’s been standing. Cliff knows the ins and outs of screen printing, embroidery, and promotional products better than most people know the back of their hands. His work hard - laugh harder philosophy has kept us and his clients happy since 1998. If

Chanelle Kilgore

When Chanelle’s not at work and out Rockin’ n Rollin with her little ones, you might find her at the roller rink with her friends. Or you might catch her in a more relaxed setting with a glass of wine and paintbrush in her hand working on her latest still life painting. Chanelle’s background in graphic is one of the things that has made her such a successful sales representative since 2010, with her knowledge of color theory and typography. You can’t go wrong with Chanelle.