custom yard signs

Custom Yard Signs and Chloroplast Signs from Alamo Tees

custom yard signs

Custom Yard Signs by Alamo Tees

Custom Yard Signs and Chloroplast Signs from Alamo Tees

Do your yard signs keep disappearing? Are you tired of replacing the same boring, stock sign because it keeps getting stolen? Alamo Tees & Advertising offers the perfect solution for custom chloroplast yard signs!

Ditch your old boring signs…

custom yard signs

Custom Yard Signs by Alamo Tees

And let us design a custom yard sign specific to your needs!

custom yard signs

Custom Yard Signs by Alamo Tees


Customize your yard signs with your business information and logo. Thieves are less likely to steal your sign if your name is on it.

Chloroplast signs are a great way to advertise your company or show your support. Order custom yard signs for your realtor business or support your student’s sports team. Our custom signs are printed on the highest quality material with uv protection. Perfect for outdoor use!

Our in-house graphic artists can customize your design and even match colors. We focus on brand and identity and consistency ensuring your designs look great across the board.

While you are shopping for your custom yard signs, be sure to check out our latest promotional products and apparel items! We can create custom uniforms, t-shirts and other clothing items to promote your business or favorite sports team. At Alamo Tees & Advertising, we also offer the best quality promotional products including pens, koozies, tumblers, drinkware and more!

Here at Alamo Tees, we can do it all. From custom signs, to apparel and promotional products, we are your one stop shop for all of your marketing needs. Call or email us for a free quote today!

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back to school promotional products

Best Back to School Promotional Products

Best Back to School Promotional Products

School is back in session! We have compiled a list of all of our favorite back to school promotional products from Alamo Tees & Advertising. Check out the latest Back to School gear on our promotional products page!


Quality #2 wood pencils. Pencils change color with the heat of your hands. They sharpen to a fine exact point. The quality black eraser provides easy and clean corrections. A perfect giveaway and low cost promotional product for back to school.

back to school pencils promotional products

Mood Pencils – Back to School Promotional Products

Pencil Pouch

Our custom 3-Ring Pencil Case suits all of your pencil-holding needs! This zippered pencil holder features three reinforced holes to easily snap the pencil pouch into your binder. Made of durable PVC material, this pouch lasts for many years. It can also double as a cosmetic bag!

Back to School promotional products pencil pouch

3-Ring Pencil Pouch – Back to School Promotional Products

Fidget Spinners

Light up fidget spinners are the hottest promotion on the market — everybody wants one! They are the perfect promotional gift for: corporations, schools and colleges, clubs & concerts.

back to school promotional products light up fidget spinner

Light Up Fidget Spinner

Drawstring bags

Our non-woven drawstring backpacks are an ideal promotional item for schools, sports teams, camps, and clubs. This eco-friendly bag comes in a variety of colors.

back to school promotional products drawstring backpack

Drawstring Backpack


Polyester lanyards offer a near perfect balance of high performance product and a great low price. These are our most popular style of customized lanyards. Starting with top-quality polyester material, your logos are imprinted on to the surface using state-of-the-art screen printing process, which produces vibrant and highly wear-resistant printed lanyard.

back to school promotional products lanyards

Custom Lanyards


Make more than a fashion statement during your next marketing campaign with these customized silicone wristbands! Proudly display your company name, logo or message with gel bracelets that are available in many colors. The variety allows them to fit any occasion. These bracelets can be customized with screen printing (deboss print available). Perfect for charitable organizations, awareness bracelets, or in support of a cause.

back to school promotional products wristbands

Custom Wristbands


By wearing a button you are creating an inexpensive walking billboard to help promote your next event or function. Our pricing is easy, 1-4 colors is the same price, and we will even match your PMS colors for FREE. Also keep in mind that we can add a clothing magnet, bulldog clip or refrigerator magnet to the back of every button instead of the safety pin.

back to school promotional products buttons

Custom Buttons


One of the best back to school promotional products is an academic calendar planner. This planner utilizes a stock calendar pulled from inventory with a full color custom color cover. It’s twin-looped with nickel wire. Low quantities are perfect for smaller advertisers.

back to school promotional products calendar planner

Academic Calendar Planner – Back to School Promotional Products


This 1-1/2″ round ring binder is quality made, designed for continual use and holds 300 loose leaf sheets. The binder works great for schools, employee handbooks, safety or training programs, membership directories, owner manuals, sales guides and hospitality.

custom binder back to school promotional products

Custom Binders – Back to School Promotional Products

USB Drives

Colorful and conveniently made without a cap to lose, this is by far the most popular swivel drive around! Easy to grip and soft to the touch, the casing is rubberized and comes in a wide variety of colors. This is the perfect computer accessory for travel, since there is no cap to leave behind! Matched with a silver clip, this model can be pad printed, screen printed, or laser engraved.

back to school promotional products usb drive

USB Drives – Back to School Promotional Products


Make a mark on your customers with a custom logo or message bookmark. Great give-away to promote a school, library, book club, conference, save the date, a new book, author or website.

back to school promotional products bookmark

Custom Bookmarks – Back to School Promotional Products

Printed Door Mats

This custom printed door mat is great for large entrance area installations and custom size applications. The door mat is ideal for schools, commercial buildings, and large apartment complexes. The mat features a natural rubber backing, is stain resistant and easy to clean!

back to school promotional products door mat

Printed Door Mat – Back to School Promotional Products

Table Covers

These form-fitting throws offer a smooth display surface for promoting your brand. The seamless two-way poly-stretch fabric fits snug over tables eliminating wrinkles.

back to school promotional products stretch table cover

Stretch Table Cover – Back to School Promotional Products


Check out this unique folding ruler with a hole for hanging up. The ruler easily folds up into a compact 1 1/2″ square. Custom colors are available upon request. This is a great desk accessory and trade show giveaway.

back to school promotional products ruler

Foldable Ruler – Back to School Promotional Products


Shark Promotional Products-Shark Piñata

18 Shark Promotional Products in Honor of Shark Week

18 Shark Promotional Products in Honor of Shark Week

In honor of Shark Week, we have gathered all of our favorite shark promotional products in one place just for you! Check out our custom shark items below!

shark week shark promotional products

Celebrate Shark Week with custom shark promotional products from Alamo Tees & Advertising

1. Handheld Shark Fin Shape Fan

Handheld shark fin shaped fan laminated for a high gloss finish. Custom packaging with four color printing and laminate on one printed side. Promote your brand at games, events, services, corporate events, etc. on this pocket size portable billboard!

Shark Promotional Products-Handheld Fan

Shark Promotional Products-Handheld Fan

2. Custom Shark USB Drive

Shark-shaped USB drive. These customized shaped USB drive can make a lasting impression with its unique design.

Shark Promotional Products-USB Flash Drive

Shark Promotional Products-USB Flash Drive

3. Shark Shaped Key Holder With Compass

Shark shaped key chain with built in compass. Designed for promo gifts at restaurants, bars, promotions at vacation locations, lodges, and for sports and travel.

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Key Chain Compass

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Key Chain Compass

4. Custom 3D Shark Soft Rubber PVC Bookmark Paper Clip

Impressive attraction comes from the readers who just see it. The PVC rubber bookmark has a unique look and will help keep your place in your book. It has more value in the event than its cost.  This is a great gift for library, education, and company incentives.

Shark Promotional Products-Bookmarks

Shark Promotional Products-Bookmarks

5. Paws N Claws Shark Barrel Bag

The Paws N Claws barrel bag is made of 210D polyester. It features animal prints with fun 3-dimensional features! Fun patterns turn a simple duffel bag into a fun fashion accessory. It has tails, flippers and stingers on opposite ends of the bag. It has a zippered closure and 42″ adjustable nylon web shoulder strap.

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Bag

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Bag

6. Sea Life Water Gun

Shoot the competition out of the water using these customizable, ocean themed water shooters! These water toys come in 3 fun sea creature styles: whale, dolphin and shark. With your company name or logo printed on the side, these water pistols would be ideal in an aquarium gift shop or water park retail store. A perfect match for kids, pool parties, beaches, summer time outdoor events, and other warm weather activities!

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Water Gun

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Water Gun

7. Shark Pen Holder

Another original design, this Shark Pen Holder is one in a series of 6 styles. Fun and functional this cup can be used on the desk for pens or at home for toothbrushes and more!

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Pen Holder Cup

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Pen Holder Cup

8. Custom Plush Shiny Shark

Plush toys are a great way to promote a sporting event, movie or television premiere, or travel incentive. Kids love the soft fabric, and it is a great option for kids to cuddle up with their favorite aquatic animal!

Shark Promotional Products-Plush Shark

Shark Promotional Products-Plush Shark

9. Hammerhead Shark Squeezies Stress Reliever

The hammerhead shark shaped stress reliever is a unique and attractive way to advertise your company’s logo. Aquariums, environmental groups, and many other organizations can take advantage of this attractive customized promotional item for any event!

Shark Promotional Products-Stress Reliever

Shark Promotional Products-Stress Reliever

10. Shark Piñata

The shark shape piñata is made of corrugated paper and colored paper. Fill it with your favorite party candies, hang it up and let the kids swing away! The shark piñata is the perfect option for a festival celebration or birthday party.

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Piñata

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Piñata

11. Shark Corkscrew & Bottle Opener

Find your favorite Shark Week drinking game and bust out the Shark Corkscrew and Bottle Opener! The head pulls off to reveal a wine corkscrew, and the lower mouth of shark is a bottle opener.

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Corkscrew & Bottle Opener

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Corkscrew & Bottle Opener

12. Shark Lapel Pin

Sharks have become a prized catch in sport fishing circles and this pin Is the perfect reward for landing one. Charter boats, sporting goods stores, bait and tackle shops, and seaside gift shops are all opportunities for this lapel pin.

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Pin

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Pin

13. Paws N Claws Lunch Bag

This insulated lunch bag is made of 210D polyester with Mylar® lining. Animal prints with fun 3-dimensional features! It features a fold-over hook and loop tape closure, a front slip pocket and 18″ handle.

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Lunch Bag

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Lunch Bag

14. Shark Beer Bottle Opener

The unique shark shaped design of this Beer Bottle Opener is an attention grabber that all seafaring and land dwelling people will love. At over 5″ in length it is strong and secure with a metal slot that grips the bottle cap tightly ensuring a clean open the first time. The magnet on the back allows it be attached a refrigerator or almost any metal surface. Your company logo is imprinted full color on the front.

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Bottle Opener

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Bottle Opener

15. Light Up LED Shark Fin Headbands

Light Up LED Shark Fin Headbands are the perfect summertime toy to wear out and about on a warm night near the beach. Honestly, what better way to enjoy 4th of July fireworks or a Jimmy Buffett concert?

Shark Promotional Products-Headband-Light Up LED

Shark Promotional Products-Headband-Light Up LED

16. Shark Luggage Tag With Tab

Handy and durable Bag Tags are a must for travelers. Popular with Corporate Incentive, Travel, Schools, Sports, Travel Industry, Tourism, Transportation and many more. Available in 1 color imprint on white or colored tag; or full color imprint on white or colored tag.

Shark Promotional Products-Luggage Tag

Shark Promotional Products-Luggage Tag

17. Shark Headband Visor

Fun animal shark hat made from 14 pt. high density white poster board, and liquid laminated for a high gloss finish. Sure to make an impact at any party or event, animal hats provide high visibility to get your custom message noticed.

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Hat

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Hat

18. Shark 1 Inkbend Standard, Bent Pen

The InkBend Standard™ is a full-size ballpoint pen bent into the custom shark shape. Available in a variety of opaque and transparent colors, black or blue ink, and a breathe-through safety cap. The pen includes a one-color barrel imprint.

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Pen

Shark Promotional Products-Shark Pen

Alamo Tees & Advertising is your go-to source for all of your custom shark promotional products. Whether you are hosting a Shark Week party, own an Aquarium, or manage a seaside gift shop, Alamo Tees has your shark products covered!



6 Creative Ways to Promote Your Business with Promotional Products

6 Creative Ways to Promote Your Business with Promotional Products

Promotional products are a great way to advertise your business. The more people see your name, the more likely they are to purchase a product from you. Here are a few ideas on items to use to put your brand name into the hands of potential customers and get your business noticed!

1 . Custom Koozies:

Koozies are a cheap, easy item to hand out to potential clients. These are great to give away at events, especially where people are walking around with a drink in their hand! Put your logo on one side, add a catchy phrase and graphic to the other side, and you’re all set! Koozies get pulled out at family parties and passed around at tailgates. It’s a great way to get your brand into people’s hands! We have lots of great option from neon colors to full sublimation designs. Your possibilities are endless!


Custom Koozies and Can Coolers from Alamo Tees

2. Personalized Pens:

Why is it that whenever you need to write something down, you can’t find a pen? And the only time you can actually find a pen is that one that was handed to you at an event with a company logo on it. Pens are another great option to get your brand name into potential clients’ hands. Plus they get reused over and over again!


Custom pens from Alamo Tees & Advertising

3. Magnetic Business Cards:

Create a custom business card magnet. Our artists can help design a unique magnet tailored to your company. Clients will use them to hang their child’s artwork on the fridge at home or to hold notes and schedules on their file cabinet at work.

4. Custom Calendars:

Custom calendars are a great way to get your company’s name in front of people’s faces every day for an entire year! That’s at least 365 views per calendar! We have a lot of great calendar options from inspirational images to sports cars, patriotic themes and more!

5. Trending Items:

Catch on to what is trending in the current market. For instance, PopSockets and fidget spinners are sweeping the nation! Jump on to the latest trends by placing your logo on the hottest new items.


Custom Fidget Spinners and Promotional Products from Alamo Tees

6. Event Bracelets and Wristbands:

Bracelets or wristbands are the perfect giveaway for events or to include in orders. Here at Alamo Tees we even offer multi-color and glow-in-the-dark options!

There are many more options available for promoting your business with unique products. Just check out our products page for inspiration and ideas on how to get your company noticed! Or feel free to speak with one of our account managers to get a custom quote and advice on creating your personalized promotional products today by calling (210)699-3800 or sending us an email at


Custom Promotional Products from Alamo Tees

Tips For Successful Fundraising

Running a Successful Fundraiser

Need to raise money for your child’s sports team or to support a worthwhile cause? Raising money is hard work, no matter what economy you face. Rather than invest your valuable time and resources with little payback, we have provided some tips on how to run a successful fundraiser.

Establishing a basic sales technique can help garner donations or interest in your cause. Do not ask anyone if they want to buy anything without first sharing information about yourself, your cause, and your goal. Emphasizing your cause will convince individuals to donate because they can understand it on a personal level. If you’re careful to respect your sellers and buyers throughout the fundraising process, you’re bound to be successful. If there is an incentive prize, choose one that is relevant to your cause. If your cause is raising money for a child’s sport team, the grand prize could be tickets to the big game or that of a popular sports team. Keep it manageable. Ultimately, you will want to work as a team to gain the best ideas and to spread awareness.

Remember to promote your fundraiser as much as possible! Do so with flyers, a social media campaign, even t-shirts! At Alamo Tees & Advertising , we provide custom shirts and much more for fundraising purposes. Use them to advertise your cause or event. For additional information, contact us at (210)699-3800.

Supporting Your Team: Custom Team Tees

As a fan, it is your prerogative to cheer on your team. Or if your child is part of a sport, you will want to be supportive as possible. One way to do this is by wearing a shirt with the logo and number of your favorite player. Especially for kids who are playing on a little league or school team, looking out onto the stands and seeing a stand filled with people wearing tees of their team can give them a confidence boost. If your team does not supply their tees, you can make your own.

Custom T-Shirts in San Antonio
At Alamo Tees & Advertising, we can create customs tees so that you can show your support not only at games but all week long. Design your tee online or for more information about our service, contact us at (210)699-3800.